Airport: Palermo - Catania
Harbours: Lipari - Milazzo
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Islands and Archipelagos

Salina, fascinating and reserved island standing in the middle of the Aeolian archipelago, is made up of two – so far extinct – volcanoes: Monte Fossa delle Felci (the Mount “Pit of the Ferns”) and Monte dei Porri (the Mount of the Leeks) from whose peculiar conic shape derives the ancient name of the island, Didyme. Placidly lying on the sea, it inspires calm and peacefulness…a great scenery characterized by breathless landscapes, suggestive sunsets and surreal silences where time seems to elapse slowly, far away from worldliness and striking appearances…an oasis of quietness which inspired also the Italian actor and director Massimo Troisi who set in these settings his last movie, “Il Postino” (The Postman). Plunged into a luxuriant vegetation, Salina is the greenest island of the archipelago… where the capers – exported all over the world – are cultivated and the wine-yards producing the Malvasia (Malmsey), esteemed and “d.o.c. labelled” dessert wine defined as “Gods’ nectar”, overlook the place. Concerning its extent Salina is the second biggest island amongst the Aeolian Islands and the only one not depending from the municipal administration of Lipari; it counts, in fact, 3 communes: Malfa, Leni and Santa Marina connected one another by several short roads – narrow but asphalted – joining the whole island and consenting to have surprising walks. Particularly worth visiting are: the beach of Pollara, the most beautiful and suggestive bay of the island and the mount Fossa delle Felci, natural reserve in the present days, whose top is 982 metres high and offers the sight of astonishing panoramas: from the Aeolian archipelago as far to the northern coast of Sicily with the majestic volcano Aetna.


Transfer connections: by hydrofoils and ships from the harbours of Naples, Messina, Milazzo.

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