Airport: Comiso - Palermo - Catania
Harbours: Licata - M. di Ragusa
See also: Agrigento area
Valley of temples
South of Sicily

Licata is an important agricultural and trade centre situated on the southern coast of Sicily and exactly 40 Km on the southern side of Agrigento. Very ancient site, the town has lived the running through of different civilizations since the Palaeolithic era. The harbour of Licata – which in the past times had been an important crossroads for the corn and sulphur trade – in the present days is also used as fishing pier by the local fishermen. The town hall guards some finds tracing back to the Roman-Greek epoch and also a fifteenth-century statue representing the “Madonna col bambino” (Madonna with her child). Worth visiting are: the civic museum, the several churches and eighteenth-century mansions and the splendid liberty style villas in the Monserrato zone.


Agrigento is 44 Km away, Caltanissetta is 70 Km away, Caltagirone is 70 Km away, Piazza Armerina is 80 Km away, Enna is 90 Km away, Ragusa is 90 Km away, Modica is 100 Km away, Syracuse is 170 Km away, Catania is 150 Km away, Palermo is 180 Km away.

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