San Pietro Clarenza

San Pietro Clarenza
Airport: Comiso - Catania
Harbours: Riposto - Catania
See also: Catania area
Mount Etna
Ionian riviera

San Pietro Clarenza is a small village inhabited by nearly 5000 people, situated 450 metres on the sea level and along one of the routes licking the Aetna, the highest active volcano of Europe. Agriculture is the main activity of the village as its oil, wine, fruits and citrus fruits’ productions testify; also its handicraft production of embroidery its pretty notorious. In 1669 San Pietro Clarenza was destroyed by a volcanic eruption and then in 1693 by an earthquake; the village was soon rebuilt and first named San Pietro because of its citizens’ religious devotion to St. Peter and later in 1779 the name Clarenza was added thanks to the purchase of this small town by a certain nobleman, Giuseppe Marino Clarenza. In its outskirts it is possible to admire the landscapes of the volcanic hinterland and the panoramas of the close Cyclopes’ coast with its faraglioni (sharp-shaped isolated crags in the sea) whose legend tells that Polyphemus threw on Ulysses. Worth visiting are: Acireale, famous because of its carnival; Aci Trezza, the place where the Sicilian writer Giovanni Verga set his novel “I Malavoglia; l’oasi del Simeto (natural oasis), the several baroque districts of Catania.


Catania is 20 Km away; Acireale is 20 Km away; Taormina is 40 Km away; Syracuse is 60 Km away; Caltagirone is 65 Km away; Noto is 90 Km away; Agrigento is 150 Km away, Palermo is 200 Km away.

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