Egadi islands

Egadi islands

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Airport: Trapani - Palermo
Harbours: Favignana - Trapani
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West of Sicily

The Egadi archipelago, just a few kilometres off the west coast of Sicily and Trapani, is Europe's most extensive marine reserve and includes 3 islands: little Levanzo, mountainous Marettimo and Favignana, the largest of the three. The seabed and wonderful coasts with a wealth of bays, grottoes and coves are a real paradise for nature lovers, snorkelers and scuba divers. In Favignana, known, for its shape, as "the Butterfly of the sea", the most beautiful beaches are at Cala Rotonda, Cala Azzurra and picturesque Cala Rossa, where the turquoise sea creates a chromatic contrast with the white tufa stone walls. Near the port, in the lively centre of the island, dominated by the ancient Fort of St. Catherine, there are numerous cafes, restaurants and shops. The old Florio building, once the most important tuna-fishery in the Mediterranean, and recently converted into a museum, is well worth a visit. Marettimo, antiquity's Hiera or "the sacred island", is from a naturalistic point of view, the most important in the archipelago. This unspoilt island is ideal for walking and hiking but the boat trips, organised by local fishermen, are the best way to explore the seabeds and the fantastic grottoes such as those of the Tuono, Cammello and Bombarda. The two islands, easily reached by ferry or hydrofoil from the ports of Trapani and Marsala, are a perfect base for visiting Levanzo and the wonderful historic centre of Trapani, which has recently been beautifully restored.

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  •  Villa in Sicily on the islands in Favignana area  - Mariposa


    Favignana - Egadi islands

    Type: Villa
    Bedrooms: 3

    Weekly price:

    2900 - 6300 €
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    Highlights: Splendid villa with plunge pool - Refined, welcoming atmosphere

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