Airport: Trapani - Palermo
Harbours: Trapani - Palermo
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North-west of Sicily

Palermo – chief town of Sicily – derives from the Greek word Panormos “all port”, is a wonderful town facing the Tyrrhenian Sea, set on the plain of the “Conca d’Oro” in the north-west side of the island. A marvellous casket full of history, culture, art, traditions and folklore… a rapid succession of civilizations and a lot of extraordinary monuments, make of Palermo an amazing locality. In the streets of the downtown you can admire linear geometries of the Arab palaces, stylized Norman Churches, gold Byzantine mosaics, the gorgeous lines of the baroque, splendid works of neoclassic style and urban palaces in Art Nouveau (the Cathedral, the palace of the Normans with the Cappella Palatina, the Castello of the Zisa, the Cuba, the Massimo Theatre). Tradition, culture and folklore live on, in the suggestive alleys of the historic downtown with the traditional markets of Capo, Ballarò, Vucciria and Borgo Vecchio and with the marionettes of the “Opra dei Pupi”, theatrical expression with no equal in the world. And then, the famous gastronomic specialities, a perfect scheme of different cultures, with the triumph of the fish and of the confectioner’s famous in the world.


Monreale is Km 10 away, Cefalù is Km 60 away, Segesta is Km 80 away, Trapani is Km 90 away, Erice is Km 96 away, Agrigento is Km 130 away, Catania is Km 200 away.

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