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Airport: Trapani - Palermo - Pantelleria
Harbours: Mazara del Vallo - Trapani - Pantelleria
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West of Sicily

Nearer to the coast of Tunisia than to the coast of Sicily, Pantelleria is the largest of Sicily's islands. Known as the "Black Pearl" of the Mediterranean for the unusual dark colouring of its landscape, Pantelleria has a middle-eastern flavour thanks to its long Arab domination, evidence of which is still visible today in the names of its villages such as Khattibuale, Khamma and Muègen and in its traditional dome roofed dammusi houses made of lava. Despite its lack of sandy beaches, the island has a wealth of enchanting bays such as those of Punta Spadillo and Cala Levante with its gigantic Elephant arch, the symbol of the island, as well as evocative rural landscapes with vineyards, where the famous Passito is produced, several hiking trails that wind through pine and conifer forests and Mediterranean maquis up to Montagna Grande. Pantelleria, thanks to its volcanic origins, is rich in hot natural springs such as those at Gadir, Nicà and Grotta di Sataria, ideal for bathing in warm sea water or at the Specchio di Venere lake, a natural beauty farm with therapeutic sulphur mud baths. Pantelleria can be reached by sea from the port of Trapani or by plane direct from Palermo and Trapani or from Milan, Rome and Venice only from June to September.

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