Capo D’Orlando

Capo D’Orlando
Airport: Palermo - Catania
Harbours: Messina - Milazzo - Palermo
See also: Patti area
Nebrodi Park
North-east of Sicily

Capo d’Orlando is a cute tourist resort – renowned owing to its lovely sandy shores lapped by a turquoise-coloured sea – situated on the Tyrrhenian coast facing the Aeolian Islands, 80 Km away on the western side of Messina. Its social and fashionable life concentrates along the town-centre roads during the summer afternoons and nights: open-air restaurants, cafés, night clubs, elegant boutiques, cultural happenings and ancient religious feasts, shows and performances, sport events make out of Capo d’Orlando a small town pretty suitable for the tourists’ fun. In the vicinity there is “il borgo di San Gregorio”(San Gregorio hamlet) with its peculiar “baia dei pescatori” (fishermen bay) and typical restaurants where people can taste pretty Sicilian dishes and the excellent fresh fish which is daily fished by the very local fishermen.


The Aeolian Islands (links from Milazzo and Capo d’Orlando), San Marco D’Alunzio is 15 Km away, Tindari is 40 Km away, Milazzo is 60 Km away, Taormina is 130 Km away, the Aetna is 150 Km away, Catania is 180 Km away, Cefalù is 80 Km away, Palermo is 140 Km away.

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