Gioiosa Marea

Gioiosa Marea
Airport: Palermo - Catania
Harbours: Messina - Milazzo
See also: Patti area
Tindari nature reserve
North-east of Sicily

Gioiosa Marea is a cute tourist locality facing the Tyrrhenian Sea, right in front of the Aeolian Islands – and exactly 75 Km on the western side of Messina – renowned because of its turquoise-coloured sea, its pleasant sandy beaches and red sunsets. Its town-centre with small shops, restaurants, churches and old mansions is pretty characteristic. In its vicinities: Capo Calavà Bay with its granite rock and nice sandy beach and San Giorgio, little bathing locality with the remains of the ancient “tonnara” (space where the tunny-massacre occurred) and its typical bars concentrating along the promenade where you have the opportunity to taste a sweet and delicious “granita”(crushed-ice fruit flavoured drink) under the shade of the green pine-trees. Those ones who are fond of trekking and mountain biking can enjoy the natural routes climbing along the paths winding the hills around, through the different districts of the countryside up to the ruins of the old Gioiosa Guardia.


The Aeolian Islands (links from Milazzo all the year long and from Patti during the summer months), Patti is 10 Km away, Tindari is 20 Km away, Milazzo is 40 Km away, Taormina is 110 Km away, Cefalù is 100 Km away, the Aetna is 140 Km away, Palermo is 150 Km away, Catania is 160 Km away, Syracuse is 210 Km away, Agrigento is 230 Km away.

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