Ganzirri (Messina)

Ganzirri (Messina)

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Airport: Palermo - Catania
Harbours: Messina - Milazzo
See also: Taormina area
Ionian riviera

Ganzirri is an old fishermen hamlet placed on the north-eastern tip of Sicily in the surroundings of Messina, on the shores of two characteristic little salt-lakes, Faro and Ganzirri. Both of the lakes have been assigned by the local fishermen to shellfish cultivation and in autumn – during their migration – herons, cormorants and other species of migratory birds stop there to rest. By Capo Faro Sicily is only 3 Km far away from the continent and in this very expanse of sea is where the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ionian Sea meet… generating currents and such raging vortexes that the sailors of the ancient Greece even imagined the existence of Scilla and Cariddi, mythological sea-monsters able to sink the most safe vessels of those times. Not far away from there the city of Messina settles down under the Peloritani mounts and watches over its strict…constantly sailed by the ferries and the boats of the fishermen who still in the present day – skilled with the heritage of an ancient knowledge – devote themselves to swordfish and tuna fishing. Worth visiting are: the Norman Dome (1197a.C.), the Church of the Catalans and other splendid monuments. Important cultural events and happenings take place in town all the year long.


Taormina is 45 Km away, the Gorges of river Alcantara are 60 Km away, the Aetna is 70 Km away, Syracuse is 150 Km away, Tindari is 60 Km away, the Aeolian Islands (links from Messina and Milazzo), Catania is 100 Km away, Palermo is 230 Km away.

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