Airport: Trapani - Palermo
Harbours: Marsala - Trapani
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Trapani and Marsala salt pans
West of Sicily

Marsala is a lovely small town set on the western side of Sicily, right in front of the Egadi Islands. Very ancient town founded by the Phoenicians, Marsala shows the signs of the running through the centuries of various civilizations in its monuments and museums, for instance the museum “Baglio Anselmi” still guards the wreck of a ship tracing back to the Roman age and which was sunk during the first Punic war (241 B.C.). In its historical downtown one admires interesting monuments such as the Norman Dome, treasuring important works of the sculptor Gagini, and the Museum of Tapestry which accommodates a precious collection of Flemish tapestry of the sixteenth century. The coast of Marsala extends for 14 Km and its sea merits the European blue ensign for its limpid and transparent waters. In its outskirts it is worth visiting the typical bagli (courtyards) which in Marsala have been used as wine-works producing the marsala wine made out of local grapes and appreciated all over the world. Also the coastal-road, leading to Trapani, with its salt-works and characteristic windmills it is worth seeing and suggestive to drive.


The Egadi Islands (links from Marsala); Laguna dello Stagnone (natural reserve) is 10 Km away; Mazara del Vallo is 20 Km away; Trapani is 30 Km away; Erice is 40 Km away; Selinunte is 60 Km away; Segesta is 75 Km away; Sciacca is 90 Km away; Agrigento is 150 Km away; Palermo is 125 Km away, Catania is 300 Km away.

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