Airport: Trapani - Palermo
Harbours: Marsala - Trapani
See also: Trapani area
Trapani and Marsala salt pans
West of Sicily

It is the pride of Sicily’s west coast. In the last few years Trapani has been restored to its original, architectural splendour. In the majority of its tiny streets, alleys and squares traffic is not allowed and therefore its old town centre has become a real salon in the open air. Like Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the main road between the Chiesa dell’ Addolorata and Palazzo Senatorio, where there are magnificent baroque dwellings, and the Cattedrale di San Lorenzo with its crucifixion attributed to Antoine Van Dyck. Here is nice to stop in one of the many cafés and restaurants after admiring the splendid palaces Cavaretta, Riccio di Morana and Lucatelli, and walking along the sea by the beautiful promenade on the Mura di Tramontana. This Sicilian city is well connected to Europe through the Rayanair’s low cost flights, and is also a perfect starting point to discover wonderful landscapes and towns that are just few kilometres away. One example is the close Erice, which looks like a crib being up on a hill, and the road that leads to Marsala. In a striking landscape stand out the salt pans with the windmills, the sweet countryside of Trapani, and the Natural Reserve of the Isole dello Stagnone, a wide lagoon with the island of Mothia, a Phoenician colony of the 8th century BC. It is a dream-like landscape where stretch endless vineyards, that produce the rare Marsala wine, and the old “bagli” (traditional buildings with an internal courtyard) witness of the rural soul of this charming side of Sicily.

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